The reward and recognition offered and provided to members for engaging with our services/platform 

  • DBD will be offering an ERC 20 compliant token as ‘DBD Tokens’.
  • DBD tokens will be listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Receive tokens for
    1. registering assets and valuables.
    2. referring new members
    3. purchasing/renewing policies via the platform
    4. to make purchases or receive discounts on policies 

What is the token going to be used for?

Empowering people to take control of insuring their valuable assets.

Why do we need the token?

The token is needed to incentivize ALL users of DBD platform and services

– On demand insurance
– Self-assessed claims with immediate payouts
– Decentralised arbitration
– Variable premiums calculated and charged day-by-day
– Peer-to-Peer insurance
– IoT specific policies


What is the vision / mission and purpose?

The end goal is to disrupt the insurance industry by providing a decentralized insurance solution that is people-powered by the DBD token.

Why Now?

The Blockchain Era is here.

The Blockchain era enables the functionality needed to remove the problems with insurance products. Decentralized, immutable storage of data that is controlled by the end-user makes these problems disappear.

The benefits of our solution include

User owned data

User owned data

User owned data

Business model to support users

User owned data

Global participants (different regions) to mitigate risk (an important component of insurance is reinsurance)

User owned data

Users able to prove their ownership of assets to existing insurance companies 

User owned data

Facilitate cross border claims which are harder to process without the blockchain. Liquid tokens better than reward points etc.  

User owned data

Premiums payments can act like securities – making a claim uses your initial premiums – opportunity to profit share if never making a claim

DBD Eco System

Use Case

Earn/Redeem DBD tokens to be used as reward points globally

Staking – Holders of the tokens will be rewarded with distributions on a monthly basis

Reputation management scoring – the higher the DBD tokens holding the higher the reputation score in the DBD ecosystem

Premium payments/Excess Reduction/Claims Payments

DEX – DBD token exchanging

Token Flow

For the first time in modern history users can benefit from real competition and fair/transparent pricing in the insurance industry. DBD enables stakeholders to operate faster and more efficiently while taking back control over users’ data and insurance premiums.

The key difference between existing models and DBD’s token economy is that instead of paying fees to use the application, users of the DBD system are rewarded in tokens for participating in the program and providing data. This element alone should significantly help distribution of the tokens.

DBD rewards are a more engaging way to encourage users to add their information to the platform. An initial reward for submitting data will be given as well as subsequent rewards when data is purchased by DBD customers. 20% of DBD’s income will be used to purchase tokens, which will then be used as rewards. The quantity of reward tokens will be determined by the market price for tokens and the demand for data.


Stephen Conroy


Bill Angelidis


Anna Bezhenar


Scott Wilford

Chief Sales Director and Industry Insurance Advisor

Daniel Montoya


Scott Wilson

Commercial and Strategy Advisor

Renee Chung

Product and Communications Manager